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Originally Posted by Cbingham
Dude I don't even know what you are talking about anymore. The rankings I listed were pertaining to the Vanderlei Silva and Chuck Liddell arguement going on. I have posted plenty of times about Tito's and Chuck's strenghts and weaknesses. And I strongly favor the UFC BECAUSE they are superior.
So what is your point here? I really don't know.
seriously are you mentally retarted i said dan henderson was good and still welterweight champ in response to "Yeah, I like Dan Henderson, but he is no-longer any top dog." and the fight stats im looking for are between chuck liddell and wanderlei silva not chuck and tito WHO THE **** DO YOU THINK WE'VE BEEN ARGUEING ABOUT THE WHOLE TIME the chuck and tito thing was just an example and about UFC being superior if they really are then why do they even in your shitty website say that of all the weight classes only chuck (which we are debating now) and matt hughes(because pride doesnt have a 170 weight division) are the best look at anderson silva he was a good fighter but not top dogg at pride and when he went to ufc he ****ed up rich franklin ufc is in not way superior and you need to learn to accept that

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