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What are the differences between Muay Thai and Kickboxing?

Yeah,I know:to you devotees out there, that might sound like a really stupid question, so please let me explain myself.
The owner of the country and western bar Horseface Charlie's decided to add a little class to his place by bringing in a projection TV and a huge,movie theater size screen in the back(Yeah, I know:the idea of adding class to Horseface Charlie's has people in stitches laughing,but anyway...)He's done whatever is necessary to have some UFC and MMA and other events shown on the screen.
Cut to the chase:There's this waitress who works there, her name is Arlene, has the prettiest hazel eyes.Somebody said to her, "Arlene, that's not Muay Thai;that's kickboxing" in reference to what was on the screen at that time.
I was too busy checking out Arlene to notice who was fighting who,but what gets me now that I think about it is:
When Arlene asked,quite sincerely,"What is the difference?"
YOu know something,I don't think that anybody gave her a satisfactory reply.
Help me out on this one, people?
Like, I know what I want to say,but I don't know how to say it.
You know?
Thanx everybody,

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