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The Must Have List For MMA Gear

Hey all... I was thinking of putting together a "must have" list for folks who are looking at training in MMA. What I'm thinking of putting together is a listing of gear to be used with one person and 1 training partner to effectively train. Considering this is going to cover both striking and grappling, and that this list is for those with wallets that aren't the deepest in the world, what would you put down as "must have" equipment and gear for the budding MMA practitioner? For instance:

Bike or Support Shorts (wear them under your rolling shorts so that your genitals don't play a game of ping-pong when you get taken down or thrown)
Supporter and Cup (I've been struck in the groin more times rolling than I have ever been when standing up)
Mouth Guard (Chipping and breaking teeth happen a lot when you're thrown around, or being put in the Chokehold or Neck Crank du jour)
Knee Pads (self explanatory)

Wrestling Mats (too expensive for most, open carpet or grass can always suffice, just not as nice to roll on)
Wrestling Shoes (this one is a toss-up, rolling without shoes is okay, but traction and not getting your individual toes caught is nice; wearing shoes can be like attaching velcro to your feet on some leg holds)
Grappling Gloves (if you're leisurely rolling, these are completely useless... if you're preparing for competition, then they're a must)
Head Gear (cool for regular Greco-Roman work, but if you put your arm up around someone's head in a submission scenario, you might as well ask for your opponent to put you in an armbar, or choke you out).

That's what I've got for Grappling so far. I'll get into the Striking equipment when I have a little more time.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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