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Originally Posted by Angel Eyes View Post
LOL, interesting topic.

Yeah it is classless and tasteless but it has it's purpos. Most of the fans are men and inbetween all the sweaty, half naked men rolling around with each other they want to show some T&A. Zooming in on their boobs for 10 sec is a bit execesive though. It won't help them get taken seriously as an MMA federation but sex sells.
LOL,it is definitely,indeed,very definitely interesting to hear from a lady on this topic. I really wish that more ladies would speak up,not only here, but elsewhere in this forum because I feel that it would greatly contribute to the realization of truth on this and other topics if we also heard the feminine perspective.
That said, I am curious.
Please tell us more about you,Angel Eyes.
Are you a professional model or an aspirant, or a ring girl or an aspirant, or are you a competitor in the martial arts or some other athletic activity? Or do you have friends or family members who are martial artists or are otherwise involved in something related?
P.S. "Angel Eyes" is one of my favorite songs.There are so many lovely renditions of it by so many great artists.
One of my favorite is by Frank Sinatra.
The other is by jazz legend and innovator Dave Brubeck.
Beautiful,beautiful song
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