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I agree with you completely Alex I have been saying that for years! I still haven't watched the fight yet and this is my first post after this I'm gonna go watch it I still don't know who won. But I think you're getting rep for this thread man cuz I agree 110%. I really hate the fact that everyone says Serra woulda won if Shonie didn't throw that 'lucky' spinning backfist also. IMO and I don't see why anyone else should think otherwise Shonie was the better fighter of that fight and Serra couldn't get shit done and gassed in the 2nd round. Shonie landed more shots standing up, and slipped out EVERY time Serra had him on the ground. Serras exactly like Bungle said...a ****in little terrier...annoying little bastards you just wanna pour gasoline on and light on fire and throw in a busy interstate. Where'd that come from? Anyway yea don't worry bout all these Serra nuthuggers givin you seems you and I are the only ones intelligent enough to not get brainwashed by what SpikeTV tells us. +Rep!

Oh yea, and Mark Laimon is a chode as well.

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