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Originally Posted by wukkadb View Post
But why would someone interested in fighting have the goal of gaining mass? Also, why would they want isolation? Your routine would be good for bodybuilding and aesthetics, but mine would be geared towards functional strength
for a workout to be geared directly towards mass the person needs to keep the reps between 6 and 12, strength 3-6 with once every to weeks maxing out, and for endurance 12+reps. Now onto the subject of isolation. When you isolate a muscle your force that muscle to do all the work it's self without relying on other muscle to help it. The benifit is that you develope more power more quickly in that muscle in which turns more strength. This will also help in the compound movements like the power clean, squat, bench press, clean and jerk, etc... A person can do just about any workout they want to gain strength as long as they keep on the right reps. When you do the program that I metioned in my first post that was just an example program, you are able to really focus on that muscle to make it stronger if you do 3-6 reps per set(s). This will make sure that muscle will get stonger faster. Now that I have mentioned sets. For good gains in strength a beginner should start with 3 sets for the first month and then add on more sets to every exercise to keep the intensity of the exercise up and the gains coming.

Now onto your routine, it's a good routine but it is also used for bodybuilding. Ronnie Coleman used that exact routine back in 2001. So it is not just geared towards functional strength. It's purpose rests in the number of reps, sets, and it's intensity, there are other things that deside it's purpose whether it be stength/mass/or endurance but those three primarly decide what direction you are going in.

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