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Originally Posted by Alex_DeLarge
Well, you first come on here, saying how "no one cares about your opinion on Matt Serra" yet you continue to post and keep dragging this discussion more off-topic than it is. You're obviously pro Serra, which is completely idiotic.

Then you go on saying something in the lines of "you talk big on the internet" when it's the INTERNET, it's called discussing, according to you though I'm "talking big". In other words, unintellectual meathead (TUF fan), oh but you have a Fedor sig, I guess that doesnt make you one then

Now excuse me, while I think of something to say Now p**s off, or talk about the topic at hand.
jeez man, u just have to get the last word dont you?

BTW..again, i am NOT a moronic TUF fan ( or unintellectual meathead as you said last time ), if you read my profile, my fav fighter hapens to be Charles Bennett..i highly doubt that any TUF noob would even know who this guy is..
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