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Jab jab inside leg kick.

jab cross cut kick

cross - jab - fake cross switch left high kick (works ******* awsome) snap that kick and you'll finish it

jab - cross - left upper cut right hook

jab cross right thai kick

jab jab right cut kick, transition into a left body kick or knee. It works really good. depending on how close you get you could land the knee

(my fav) jab jab, with the second jab you really want to close the distance, grab the back of the neck and pull your opponent down into a thai clinch, this is where you will imedietly throw a right knee followed by left knee, then a right hook. God i wish i could show this one. try to picture it, throw the right knee then switch up and throw the left one, now your back in your stance and then throw the dirty boxing right hook or upper cut whichever you can land...then push your opponent away.

another one i do occasionally is jab , jab hook, right over hand hook. This isnt a deadly attack but works. if you connect with the over hand hard enough you could rock your opponent.
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