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187 people died in 2005.... from fishing
Ofshore fishing is a dangerous game, especially at night, with all the different weather conditions e.t.c,

Back on topic I think the reason MMA/fight sports can say there is less injuries in their given sport is
1. there are a lot less people practicing full contact mma/tma than there are practicing football/soccer e.t.c due to team sports
2. Team sports are exactly that, a dozen or so guys playing against each other, accidents are bound to happen
3. Fighters expect to be hit, their mind set and body conditioning sets them up for knocks or falls, whereas soccer players like to dive into the pitch to makesure they get a penalty and a caution against the offender,
4. Good quality organised events try to make sure serious injuries dont occur, remember just over a decade or so ago up to 50 people a year were dying in Thailand during fighting events, the organisation just wasnt there...take a look at Burmese boxing events in the past, intense headbutts are glorified strikes! I'm not even sure if their outlawed now!

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