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The reason he is such a problem is because other members make it that way. Once he makes a mistake or says something that you don't agree with, you jump on him and goat him into an arguement. He has a short temper from what I see but that's because he is still young, you have to cut him some slack. I don't mean you personally Evil, I mean "you" as in other members, or whoever gets him to agrue. This goes to all members who bait other members into arguements. WouldLuv2FightU got banned for this reason, everybody knows he doesn't like Rush, so he kept making stupid threads about it. Everybody on the forum should just drop it because you all make the site look bad by arguing over stupid situations. Not everybody is going to agree with each other, if you don't like what a person has to say just ignore it, be the bigger man. Don't go and make threads about other members because then they win by getting to you.

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