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What do you recommend for practicing avoiding damage from the bottom?

The reason I ask is the other night we were sparring full contact with gloves like this:
Stand-up was fine, but when we went to the ground, the guy I was sparring with was much better at striking from in my guard than I'd experienced before (primarily because we usually train either grappling or striking in a mutually exclusive manner). I was working for submissions and what not, but his relentless GnP kept him out of danger (aside from one armbar that I had really tight, but he hit me hard enough to get me to loosen it for just a second... and he pulled his arm out). This is a training partner that I generally consider myself comparable to when just grappling or just striking (although he does have a few years of experience on me... he had a bit of a hiatus).

Anyway, I was just wondering if you knew of some good drills to practice avoiding danger from bottom position (other than just working it with someone).
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