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Originally Posted by rufio.e0 View Post
What do you recommend for practicing avoiding damage from the bottom?
There are a few schools of thought on this, some of them take alot of time to really get good with, but most of them can be picked up pretty quickly, even if it takes a while to master it.

As far as dealing with a groundnpound from the guard, I've always found their to be three kinds of groundnpound, and guys tend to transition from one to the other a little, but mostly just stick to one.

There's the standing GnP. (a la Fedor)

There's the postured in the guard from the knees GnP. (a la most boring, slow wrestlers)

And there's the full forward, leaning in your face GnP. (a la a young Tito Ortiz)

Dealing with the first is very, very difficult without some practice and some clever little tricks that I've worked out, so I'll cover the first two first, and come back to that one, as I don't think it's the one you were fighting with.

From the knees GnP is actually really easy to stop, and the way I do it is with a simpler series of techniques. There are alot of guys who will tell you to go for the triangle, but as Eddie Bravo and many other guys who have picked up the rubber guard (and just generally a high, mobile guard) the efficiency is very low.

It's necessary to break down your opponents in a jiu-jitsu match, but if your opponent is going for the GnP, he's already solved some of that problem for you, which is to say he's already taken the hands off of your hips. This allows you to sit up and do my second favorite sweep in all of BJJ (my first is one I throw on from either the Jiu-Claw or omoplata position), the hip sweep.

Most guys will catch you before you are all of the way up in the hip sweep and try and put you back down, but this is really doing most of the work for you. From this position, as my opponent is trying to smash me back down, I swim one arm over and go for either the guillotine or the kimura.

I will say that I practice this alot, and I use it alot. In MMA matches, it works about 80% of the time. Against guys who have seen me do it hundreds of times, during sparring, it works about 40% of the time. Those are both really high numbers as far as finishing a match goes (or bettering the position, if you land a hip sweep).

Now even if you don't get the submission and finish the match. You're opponents groundnpound is completely extinguished, because you have broken down their posture. As long as you keep their chest against your chest, you're safe and set and can start working to get a triangle, an armbar, an omoplata or a gogoplata. (I usually work the last two, because I find that their easier to set up against groundnpound opponents who don't have great jiu-jitsu)

As for the full forward GnP, that one is pretty easy. Just go for double underhooks and pull him on top of you, and you'll be fine. You shouldn't have any problems for there, but if he does manage to get his hands in and starts to posture up, just revert to the defence for the first style.

The third one, I said was the hardest, and that's the absolute truth, because it really requires a firm knowledge of the spider and butterfly guards and the counters for standup passes. I know that most gyms teach the fundamentals of this stuff at the white belt level, but getting it to the level where you can handle a standing opponent is something that not even some blackbelts can do.

Sometimes, it's safest to try and just upkick him, if your rules allow for it. In fairness, though, that isn't always a possibility, because it will make it difficult for you to fight him off and dodge his moves, and it will make it almost impossible to land a submission.

You also always have the option of trying to wait for a hard strike and then pull him down and hold him in guard, and if he tries to pull out of it, either go for the spider-guard style armbar or for the sequence I use for the knees GnP.

There are a few more sophisticated possibilities, and this has already been a long post, so I'll just list them and if you think there are any that you're interested in and have a hard time figuring out the details of, let me know.

Leglocks (Masakasu Imanari style)
Arm-catch to omoplata
Spider guard sweep (holding the arms)
Butterfly guard sweep (holding the legs)
Straight knee cracker sweep
Typical standup pass defence (either one leg control or both legs controlled)

Hope that was helpful. Just post anything you need clarified.

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