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I guess "class" would be a matter of opinion. Any sport can be classy. I believe that's partly what makes a sport a sport. There seems to be more respect between two fighters than there is between entire teams, whether it be in Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, etc. The nature of MMA can lead one to think it is a brutal sport, or "human cockfighting" as US Senator/Presidential candidate John McCain put it, but no matter how gritty an organization can be, the sport of MMA itself is very classy simply because of the immense respect its competitors have for each other. Of course you've always got your epic bad-blood battles, where the fighters loathe each other, but typically when that fight is over, the fighters still congratulate each other and show respect. Again, these are my opinions, and you might have a different view of what constitutes class. Your opinion of a classy sport is Polo or Horseback riding, whereas I view them as pretentious. I do not deny their classiness, but I don't believe the "high society" status makes a sport classy. I also train to fight, but I love the sport for more than the fact that we get to beat the hell out of each other. There's so much respect and sportsmanship involved, and that mixed with extreme pugilism makes MMA the most beautiful, dynamic sport of all (in my opinion). You can say I am "romanticising" the sport, but I believe there is much more to MMA than sheer violence.
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