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Originally Posted by TRENT205 View Post
please my friend dont fool your self! i ama fighter, and i know this sport better than most! people can say boxing or whatever brand of MMA is classy, but the fact still remains, in a sport capible of such violence, please tell me where do you find the class, but better yet tell where to look for this so called, "class"! i just think people should stop trying to romantisize this sport and leave it alone. dont get me wrong i love this sport but lets see it for what it is.
The class in MMA comes from the fighters the ones that will hug or hi 5 their oppenent after a fight and continue on being friends and so forth thats my opinion the fact that 2 men can go head to head in a gladitorial match that brings people to their feet, and still come out of the cage to be cool guys and friends thats how its classy unlike boxing where they beat the hell out of each other get out of the ring and hold a grudge you can disagree if you want but fact of the matter is MMA has class
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