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Originally Posted by AtomDanger
No, you just have to work really hard. I have about 4 friends who pretty regularly do 6 week cycles (twice a year) and they dont lose anything.
So he could be doing a 6 week cycle every 6 months and never get caught.
There are steroids that you can do and you will not lose your gains as much if you work really hard. These are normally cutting steroids and are more associated with the physique of Sean Sherk (I am not making accusations of steroid use, right now I am just trying to provide visual examples). Then there are bulking steroids that increase your testosterone heavily. A six week cycle could put on 20-30lbs of muscle on your frame. Monson physique looks more like a product of bulking. I have never seen or heard of anyone keeping all of their gains from a cycle of bulking steroids. That is why I said Monson was a freak of one should be able to stay that big without help, a normal person's body just does not produce enough testoterone to sustain muscle size at his level no matter how hard you work. Find some pictures of the WWE's Chris Masters before he was sent to rehab for steroids and look at him after he got clean. I think the rehab was 6 wks but the mass he lost is shocking. Another factor with steroids is wether it is pill form or injectable. Pill form passess through your liver and alot of it is metabolized before entering your body. This is not good for your liver and you get less steroid in your system to boot. However, because so much is metabolized in your liver, the steroid is only detectable in your body for a matter of weeks unlike injectable with is detectable alot longer.

HGH is completely unrelated to steroids. It is way more expensive and hard to detect. I can't think of 1 athlete that has been busted for a failed HGH test. It is very strange. When you use it, your muscles don't just grow, your whole body does to include your internal organs, head, everything. Unlike steroids, it does not hurt your liver. Also, you don't lose gains as much if at all. You literally take this shit grow totally unrelated to testosterone levels. Crazy shit.

I am not advocating the use of any of these because they are illegal. If I have provided any mis-information please call me out. Just trying to justify why I don't understand how Monson stays that big and passess his test.
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