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i think Monson hight is an advantage. being that hes small hes more used to fighting the bigger opponent. but finding a parter tims size is going be a problem (money issues). for sylvia hes probaly going to have a hard time finding a guy as muscular and short with a very great ground game.

pluse i belive on the ground the shorter guy has an advantage and Monson will use it. and i think his ground is way better but im sure horn will be working with sylvia.

the reach is no question and advantage for syliva. but hes going to be punching down we will have to see how he adjusts (i dont know might affect his timeing) its a no brainer tho standing sylvia is most likely to win its mma it only takes 1 punch/kick.

sylvia aint no chuck liddel in the sprawl department i see it going to the ground and sylvia taping. i belive Monson already said hes going to take it to the ground. but like i said its mma and it only takes 1 hit so sylvia could knock him one on the takedown.

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