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Originally Posted by ralphbenjamin View Post
anyone who thinks butterbean would knock out kimbo is retarded.. kimbo is worlds faster than bean, and would run circles around him while banging, bean wouldnt stand a chance
Then, I will be a retard and go against popular opinion, because I think Butterbean could win this fight...

I do agree that it would not be good for Kimbo to take this fight if he wants to be considered legit, because Butterbean has the label of being a circus act... However, I actualy think Butterbean is a legit fighter. He has a record of 10-5-1 in MMA. He has paid his dues in the ring losing to some good fighters and has that experience, unlike Kimbo. I have heard quite a few shout-outs over the web to match Kimbo up wth James Thompson or Cabbage. Butterbean owns a KO and TKO over them, so are they not legit now???
I won't argue that Butterbean is a one dimensional fighter, even though it is suprising that 6 of his 10 wins are by submission, so he has some idea what goes on on the ground even if the competition was sub-par. Butterbean is a boxer and Kimbo trying to rush him like he did Tank won't fare well. Buterbean hits very hard and you do have to use caution. The only way I see Kimbo winning this is if he commits to a long fight and waits for Butterbean to gas or is able to mount him...

Anyways, now I feel completely weirded out for showing Butterbean love and must go take a shower...

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