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Cartheron's Log

So I started running again about a month ago and have since built up a solid base of 7.5-10 miles/12-16 kms a week. Basically 3-4 times a week of 2.5 miles, which I have a nice flat-uphill-downhill-flat route for. Ideally I'd like to get up to Half Marathon distance for the moment and maybe put in an application for the London Marathon next year and upping the training. Would just like to see how I can do if I actually train properly for it.

Done it twice before when I was 18 and 19 but just for charity and like a tool I didn't train anywhere near enough for it. Still completed it though in 4.5 hours first time and just under 4 hrs the second time. Actually trained a bit that second time, but still nowhere near enough.

Anyways enough of the crap I'll be focusing on five training days, including one cross training day, one long run on a sunday, probably put some fartleking in one of the runs too, and two rest days a week. With every fourth week being a recovery/easy week. Will modify it depending on how I feel though and obviously other commitments/schedules. Will be looking to just up the mileage and not really worry about improving the time for a few months.

So today:-

Weight before: Forgot to weigh. . .
Distance: 3.5 Miles/5.6 kilometre's
Route: Half flat, third uphill, sixth downhill
Time: 30mins 5secs
Weight after: 65.9 kilo's/144.9 lbs

No fluids either during run, will start to though once I get to 4-6 miles, ie. this weeks planned long run. Felt good afterwards, only bad feeling was slight burn in calves when doing uphill sections. Otherwise, hamstrings, quads and breathing were fine which is kind of par for the course for me. And no stitch too. Time sucks though lol, especially when last year I was doing 2.5 miles in 16mins.

Anyone give advice on how to better condition my calves, except just more hill running. ;p No weights either. I know it's kind of limiting but I'd appreciate it.

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