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Originally Posted by Cyclist View Post
I thought about this post recently and wanted to try and revive it a bit.

I am moving out again and soon will be alone and away from my training partners. I just want to know what kind of things you guys do for training that you can basically do alone.

I always work on my strikes. Practicing executing them properly, and trying to build up my speed of throwing them and ease of throw it without telegraphing.

Of course there is the focus ball, speed ball, and heavy bag. I have kicking targets as well and a kneeing pad.

Of course, I am a wing chun guy, so I have my wooden dummy and my fist bag.
I do lots of shadow boxing. Lots and lots. And like I said in my last post, I often check my footwork, as it's the one thing I can look at without a mirror.

I have no pads or bags, but I think a good idea would be to maybe film yourself and check yourself to find any mistakes you're making?

I'm pretty lucky, as the owner of the gym I go to for weight training is a K-1 style thai boxing trainer, so he can help me out sometimes.
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