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im glad im not alone on this. this guy is a clown. i was watching a costa rica event and hes so brutal. He exagerates everything so badly. A guy was on the ground and got a shot to the ribs was not even worth mentioning and its all he talked about for 5 minutes lol. WOW THAT WAS SO DEEP I COULD ACTUALLY SEE IT PENETRATE HIS RIBS! WOW WOW JUST AMAZING WOW ******* UNREAL. please someone neeeds to cut off his vocal cords or teach him a thing or too about mma. WOW HIS NOSE IS BLEEDING SHIT THIS IS THE BEGINING OF THE END! WOW HIS NOSE IS ACTUALLY BLEEDING! HOLY SHIT WUT A SHOT TO THE RIBS! I SWEAR IT TOUCH HIS RIBS! WOW IS THERE ACTUALLY SKIN COVERING HIS RIBS I SWEAR I JUST SAW THEM! lol bodog is brutal.
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