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Originally Posted by kamikaze145 View Post
wow, relax man. You had me confused when you said that you were fighting friends,etc.. Take a chill
Sorry if it sounded like that man, it was meant as a joke.

BTW I won that fight by RNC, my GF forgot her camera though and the fight was like 2 hours away >:[ Also, the fight wasn't as planned. The guy I was supposed ot fight got lost ont he way there and didnt make it in time, so I founda guy there that wanted to fight (his frist time also). He had about 20 lbs on me (weight in around 205 I weighed in around 180) and has been a Greco Roman wrestler for 3 years and is also an army recruit. I'm fairly proud of myself for it.

I have another one coming on the 29th of this month, this one is going ot be against the kid I was supposed ot fight the first time. He's got about 3 inches of reach on me, and about 6 inches of height and he's an extremely good wrestler. I'm stronger and have better Jitz so my game plan is to sub him any way possible or risk a couple shots to the face (I think I havea pretty good chin) and risk banging it out with him because I think I'm a bit better fo a striker (more polished). Any advice?
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