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To ACTUALLY answer your question federlance, Iron Palm is similar to Iron Vest and Iron Groin technique. Iron Palm originates in the kung fu practices of Shaolin. It's basically hand conditioning, what do u do is take a bag of gravel (they start off with dried beans usually), put it on a hard surface. General rule is 100 strikes a day, each hand. Its important that you dont use too much force, relax your arm and drop your hand into the bag, exhaling each time. Use some force, but dont try and smash your hand down into it, this is the kung-fu way. quite soft compared to karate (hitting the maki-wara) but that will **** up your hands in the long run and give u arthritis and nerve damage. anyways, hit that thing at least 100 times each day, both hands, with your palms and with your knuckles, and edge if u want. after a couple months youll notice a difference, after a year you'll have really really ******* tough hands. also, rubbing dat dit jow is important, or at least hot water, but rub a lot. the circulation is important for rebuilding the tissue and making your hands strong
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