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Originally Posted by Spit206Fire
Well ive never been KO'd in a Set fight but ive been knocked out once at a party caught me right in the jaw (before i actually started MMA). Flyingknee's accurate with what he said, i've been rocked a 3 times in MMA (2 in fights, 1 in sparring).

The best way i can put it is its like you were spun around about 30 times with your eyes closed and then you opened them and someone pushed you. I also got SUPER tunnel vision, like it felt like i was looking out of each eye individually.

Anyways it really isn't fun but its part of the sport.
Wow man that is WILD ... it's amazing some of these fighters have their composure after getting rocked, but depending on how you're hit, you can see that most guys switch to survival mode ... they say that is why boxing is more dangerous than MMA because 1 knockout in MMA and you're done, whereas a boxer can get up again and again in a fight, that can't be good .. I say once a fighter is seriously rocked, end the fight for their own safety, none of this 10 count stuff you see in boxing
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