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Im surprised no one has mentioned that Bisbing has been injured.
He has had a pulled groin for some time now. Bisbing is one of the best fighters that was unknown to most people here in the U.S to come off the Tuff show. Im sure people who have pulled for him will not be disapointed. I believe he will have a very productive career in the UFC. The thing I like most about Bisbing is he knows how to talk smack without looking like a goof. I felt sorry for Ed Herman after he lost his fight. The guy could not even express himself intelegently. He sounded stupid, he did not even give credit to Mcdonald for fighting a good fight instead he said he fought a bad fight making it sound like Mcdonald was lucky. The one thing Dana White wants his fighters to do is always show good sportsmanship. It's importent how the sport is percieved by the public. Fighters like Herman do not project the positive image the UFC want's the public to recieve. Herman is not the only one but is the one that came to mind from the most recent fight.
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