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Gutbuster's Log

My Training Log

I've decided to start my own training log for my own benefits as a newbie, receive constructive critique on my routines and hopefully even help out a fellow beginner in the world of weight training.

These are my stats:
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 1.7m / ~5.6"
  • Weight: ~70kg/~154 lbs
  • Martial Arts background: Muay Thai

I measure every thing using the metric system so from now on everything will be labeled with kilograms, meters, kilometers and so on.

I do my roadwork (jogging) every second day, usually jogging about 2km's, switching from a jog to a dash when I feel like it. Due to time constraits I usually keep roadwork very casual, and don't have strict times. Every Sunday I head down to the local track and do some HIIT.

Also, I am no longer training in Muay Thai or MMA for about 1 and a half years, until I've graduated from college. School's tough and I cannot train and study at the same time.

As before mentioned, I'm a newbie in weight training. I recently found a good gym close by and have just been sniffing it out for about a week. Tonight was the first night me and a buddy actually had the trainer show us how to use the equipment properly and give us a routine which I will put up in the next post.

Please feel free to comment anytime. Constructive critique or questions are always welcome.

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