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5th March 2008

So today was my first "real" weight training day. I was basically shown the equipment by the trainer and was given a beginners routine which I should stick to for about 1 to 2 months to prepare my larger muscle groups for the harder training. As I basically still have no clue, I'm pretty much gonna stick to his advice as much as I can, will not, however, treat the routine like some bible. Any extra ideas for me would be great.

What I should pretty much do is use the cable machines to start. I pick a weight and work my way up to 20 repetitions in one set, then I move up. I also incorporate barbells and dumbbells, all keeping the weight reasonably low and the reps high. After this it should be "safe" to really start my strength training.

Oh I should also point out, I'm learning most of the names of the excercises in German, I may not know what they're called in English.

Here we go:

1x20 20kg Upper back exercise (pulling down)
1x20 15kg Hamstring curls
1x20 10kg Knee exercise? Like kicking a ball forword.
1x20 15kg Benchpress
1x20 20kg Barbell bicep curls
1x20 20kg triceps (pulling)

Haha, looks pretty weird. I really look like I don't know what I'm doing, so again, and for the last time, any help will be appreciated. I'll update my routine when I've got the time and made interesting progress.
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