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Originally Posted by Bloodlusting View Post
palm strike to the chest? i mean i see what u mean.. but why?? you ever see UFC fighters punch the chest?
We're not talking about UFC here chief. We're talking about a street fight or a defense move. If we were talking about the UFC then why would be talking about groin strikes? Aside from the early days of UFC, you do know those are illegal in UFC nowadays....right?

ps. proper force to teh groin will hurt anyone, jsut because you have tiny, sterile nuts doesnt mean nobody gets hurt from groin kicks/knees
So just cause it didn't hurt makes less of a man than you all the sudden? Uh no. I'm used to being hit down there. So are alot of people. Have you ever been to high school? Random jerks will hit you there for no reason whatsoever. You kinda get used to it after a while. Some guys will get hurt by groin kicks, only to tough it out and become more aggressive and mean. A nice punch to the chest will leave a hurtin' on your opponent.
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