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Originally Posted by Bloodlusting View Post
first of all, calling me chief is an insult to native americans and fireman everywhere. secondly, maybe it was beyond my perception to insinuate your less of a man... my actual point tho, if you notice, is that just because u happen to have unusually desensitized balls (if that really is the case), you shouldnt be telling people that groin kicks are ineffective.
I never said groin strikes aren't effective...I said chest strikes are more effective than groin strikes. Chances are kicking someone in the balls may stun them, but if and when they decide to tough it out is when they become far more aggressive and far more intent on hurting you. Think of it like this: kicking a bull in his package will set him steaming mad and he will become far more aggressive.

Also, i realize the difference between UFC and the street... the chicks are hotter and the drugs are legal. However, the similarity between UFC and the street is that each participant is trying to hurt the other as much as possible. Since CHEST STRIKES are legal in UFC, why do u suppose they would be striking at the head and lower torso? u get three guesses. if you guessed that your wrong, your right.
That's absurd. You can't say the sole purpose of the UFC to beat someone senseless. It is to win. Or else the ref would disqualify you.
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