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Originally Posted by Bloodlusting View Post
o i agree, kicking a bull in the nuts will piss him off. but id have a better chance downing a bull with a nutshot than a "palm strike to the chest" you friggin lunatic.
How is involving a bull relevant to what I am saying? I use it as an example and you turn it into a "what would you do" situation.

aside from fighting bulls(wtf), how might one WIN in UFC? by beating the opponent senseless u silly freak.
You don't have to beat an opponent senseless to win a match. It might help, but you can also win via submission decision, etc.

screw u and your chest palm strikes, ur witless mang.
I don't think you're mature enough to debate on a message board...

ps. hwo many people u KO'd or seen KO'd with a PALM STRIKE TO THE CHEST? never, not a one... ive seen peoples dropped by groin kicks tho, g'head and google that sh*t youll get loads

You don't see anyone winning UFC matches with a palm strike to the chest because that would probably be illegal. With a well-placed palm strike to the chest (more specifically the heart region) you could die. People are dropped by groin kicks? Yep. They sure have. A palm strike could leave a more lasting effect than a groin kick though. That's for damn sure.
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