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so... u think palm strikes to the chest are illegal in UFC. keep thinking that, just dont poison anyone else with your anti-logic.

gluteal cleft, ya i agree... mostly groin kicks are grazes, we're pretty much built to protect our repoductive organs (Darwin ftw). i mean ive been punched in the balls during a fight BUT it wasnt solid and i proceeded to land 3 uppercuts. if you have an opening for a good solid kick to the balls, thats gonna be fukin devastating.

plainly put 'guy', if we had a game of shot for shot, and i was kicking you in the balls, and you u palming me in the chest... you'd get pwned, anyone would. unless your a shoalin preist who's practiced iron groin technique and dim mak palm strike techniques since a child.

oh ya and as for lasting affect, how about never having children, thats a good one (and please dont give me that novice crap about killing someone with a single strike to the heart, u watch too many kung fu movies)

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