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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
Ironman, I 100% agree dude. I really don't like TKD for MMA at all. The lack of hip power and using shins really puts me off it. That being said, there's no reason we cant teach TKD, MMA and BJJ at the same Dojo (allows more flexable scheduels and days off). Our MMA class will focus more on MT and just the way striking works in MMA (it's really developed into it's own thing) and we will encorperate BJJ, Hapkido and Wrestling into the mix.

One other thing to add to the post, I finally got a hold of him about a week ago.

he got his belt from Carlson Gracie when he used to live in Chicago. Forgot to act about his dad. He also verified the whole "theres only about 50 2nd degrees in the country" only he said there's probably more around 80.
That's good stuff. It's good to know where your lineage comes from.

Frankly, I have no problem with teaching TKD, MMA and BJJ at the same school. I have a problem with people seeing TKD as a serious fighting system that can be used in full contact competition.

I sort of see red when people talk about TKD blackbelts, as they make up some of the biggest smack talkers and worst competition I've ever had, so that's more of a personal greivance than anything. (I'll put it this way, I make a point of using lots and lots of neck cranks when I fight TKD guys)

My instructor is one of those 80 (he's actually a 3rd degree blackbelt) and a student of Royler Gracie.

I'm proud to say that getting a belt (even a blue belt) at my gym is harder then it is in most, becaue it shows the level of competition that we have on the mat and the bar that we hold students up to.

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