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Originally Posted by Chrisl972
I know that I've said this before, but I hate when people put "end of story".

Why not have just a nice little blog that we can all log into and read what you have to say instead of actually having a forum where every one can KEEP THE STORY GOING?

To be honest it just makes you look like a closed minded person that can only believe that what they think is right, will happen.

Lets just let them fight and see if you are right (and yes the odds are WAY in your favor). And if you look at what I wrote, I want Silva to win. I want him to crush with an iron fist. Not just Swick but several more to come.
well i just wanted to show how i feel about it :P
swick has a chance if he lands a few good strikes and silva gets in trouble
but as long as we talk about silva its hard to think that this kind of things can actualy happen
i realy want him to remain champ for as long as he has a contract in the UFC
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