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Originally Posted by lfaris
here is a list of the 10 ufc fighters who could put up a fight with him

1. rich franklin
2. chris leben (wont stick his head out again)
3. mike swick
4. jeremy horn
5. dean lister
6. david terell
7. nate quarry
8. nate marquardt
9. david losieau
10. john fitch
1. rich franklin - lost without getting a puch in.
2. chris leben (wont stick his head out again) Has nothing else but his chin.
3. mike swick - is ready to try.
4. jeremy horn - I just don't see this one, maybe back in the day but not now.
5. dean lister - Would have to get it to the ground FAST and stay there.
6. david terell - Are you serious? Did you see him fight Evan Tanner?
7. nate quarry - Look at what Franklin did to him.
8. nate marquardt - not even close to ready yet.
9. david losieau - Might be a good match up if he is willing to throw this time.
10. john fitch - Not even close yet.

So as I see it there is two right now Losieau and Swick.

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