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I understand there are two ways to loose weight one calorie reduction there other is through exercise. I think it best be said that according to nazi studies 2-3 pounds a week of weight loss was the maximum.
however the Dr. Berstein clinic where patients are given 1000 calories per day this changes everything especially when 3500 calories a day needed in order
to maintain 1 pound of fact. Also as you sleep your body burns calories. lets say that if you were eating a 1000 a day plus that which you burned as you slept you could be close to 2500 c a day totaling 25000 c loss every ten days. remember muscle also burns fat which leads to additional weight loss even though according to research previously mentioned as being not possible theoretically it is worth noting. you may not loose the full 30 but the even 15 would be great. this is how boxers become thin.
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