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Ok, then these studies were conducted some 60 years ago. Science has come a long way. I think it's pretty unanimous among health and fitness professionals that not only is everyone's metabolism different, but each individual's metabolism can change depending on their current lifestyle/diet. The human body resists change. That is why we hit plateaus in muscle and strength gains or fat loss. If needed, the body will modify its metabolism to keep from changing its composition. If it is starved, it will lower the amount of energy it uses per day. This is dangerous of course, especially if you're training during a starvation diet. However, one thing I believe may be true about your claim is that during a starvation diet, maybe everyone's metabolism drops to the same "survival" level. That would mean that no matter what one's metabolism was like before (two individuals burning 1800 and 3000 cal/day for example), when their body goes into starvation mode, maybe their metabolism drops to something like 800 calories. There might be a baseline metabolism of the human body, but still I believe everyone's metabolism would be different depending on their body composition. For example, an individual who is 6'2" would require more energy per day than one who is 5'2", simply because they have more to maintain, even in the same starving stage. I'm probably looking way too into this, but the thing is, no athlete (or anyone else for that matter) should put himself on this sort of diet. Obviously it is coming from concentration camp studies, where the Nazis probably wanted to feed each person as little as possible without actually starving them to death. This sort of "diet" causes the body to scrounge for sources of energy, often from muscle as well as fat. Nobody wants that, even if they're trying to drop a lot of weight. Thanks for continuing to explain. Let me know if I'm totally missing something.
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