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recon's log

Well Ive been wanting to start one of these for a while but I was away for 45 days so I had to post pone, but back for long enough to get into my routine so here goes.

Im 17, about 6' 1" 200lbs but pretty new to lifting, I started in maybe oct/nov but had to stop in jan and just started up again. I do chest, arms, shoulders.

in the first tournament of this wrestling season i got a ruptured disc in my back so i cant squat or deadlift and i have to do a lot of what i can sitting down (back support) but i need to get a check up with my physical therapist soon anyways.

for my sets i go for 12,10,8 but sometimes i get a little away from that when i bump the weight up like today, i normally start my bench at 115 and do 12 reps but i started at 135 and only did 10

today was chest

bench 135x10, 155x8 175x4 185x2 (i did 185 just to see if i could, for vanity sake)

incline dumbbell bench 40x15 50x12 60x8

dumbbell bench 40x12 50x10 60x8 and then a dropset of 15x30

incline flies warmup set of 15x15 then 20x12 then 2 sets of 25x12

cable flies (my first time trying these, i read an article about them, so i gave them a shot, they are pretty tough for me) 10x12 20x10 25x8

machine flies 25x12 35x10 40x8

Basically i just want to build muscle, and i cant do cardio to burn fat because the bouncing is bad for the disc.

But any tips, advice, criticism, anything at all yall got for me please give because im real new to this and i love lifting, tommorrow is arms and ill post that after i do it.

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