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today i did arms.

i do i guess it would be called a circuit of dumbbell curls i lay of 30s 25s and 15s
and do 30x8 25x10 and 15x15 without a break, and then after a little break i do the whole thing again. i aim for 4 sets, but usually get 3 sometimes i get four

then hammer curls, 15x12 20x10 25x8

ez bar curls 35x12 45x10 50x8 60x5 (again just to see if i could)

21's 4 sets of them with 15's


pulldowns 25x12 35x10 42.5x8 (more like 7 and a half i used my shoulders a little)

skullcrushers 35x12 45x10 50x8

pullovers (i think thats what there called, but i sit on an incline bench with the weight behind my head and raising it a just before my elbows lock and then lowering it as far as i can, and i change the incline of the bench each set because its a different pull on the muscle) 4 sets of 35x10

any comments/criticism? anything yall got let me have please

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