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What is the Tao of the Temple Shot?

First of all, i would like to sincerely thank the various forum members who have posted the web addresses of some truly excellent Muay Thai and kickboxing videos.
That said, what I have noticed is,to me, the outstanding number of knock-outs brought about by a shot(usually a roundhouse kick) to the side of the head of the opponent. I assume that the artist throwing the kick was aiming for the temple, which raises my question: One of my uncles had been a pro boxing contender, and when I,as a wee lad,asked him how to locate the knock-out spot, he said to aim for right behind the eye.
Yet,when I look closely at the real knock-outs in the various videos posted, it looks as though the blow lands a little farther back than right behind the eye, and a little higher up.
How say you?
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