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well, just did shoulders.

arnold press 30x12 35x10 40x8

side raises 4 sets of 12x12

front raises 1 set of 15x12 2 sets of 20x12 when i do those i rotate my wrist about 3/4 of the way through and makes it a lot harder, but its one of my favorite it exercises

shoulder press 30x12 35x10 40x8

i'm not sure of the name of this exercise, but my moms physical therapist made her do these to strengthen her shoulder, but you lie flat on a bench and hold you arms parallel to your body and its a bitch to do but it hits the back of shoulders, i use 10's and hold it for a 12 count, 12s and hold it for a 10 count and 15s and hold it for a 5 count

reverse military press 65x12 85x10 105x6 (couldn't get 8)

upright rows 20x12 25x10 30x8 (first time doing this, liked it a lot)

shrugs 2 sets of 60x20 and 1 of 60x12 (60's are the heaviest dumbbells i have so thats what i use)

again, anything yall got please let me have

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