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Originally Posted by taadland View Post
HE IS one dimensional don't ****in' kid yourself. one submission on randleman doesn't mean he's not...and doesn't even mean he has a sub game...he doesn't! that choke he caught kevin in a fighter with no experience could have pulled off. a standing guillotine off of a shoot doesn't = subgame. and he took cheick down????woah look out now for mirko's take down game. he was also took down at will by kongo and controlled on the ground as well. granted he has only been submitted once, but how many sub guys has he fought? Noguiera? and he got submitted. plus if he can defend basic sub attempts that's not going to convince me that he is well-rounded, because he's not. he is a kickboxer, who looked very good against sub-par japs, and has a couple KO's against some of prides better fighters.(Vovchanchyn, Wanderlei) and had some good fights against barnett Barnett and Coleman. Extremely over-hpyed, and extremely one dimensional. he is a K-1 superstar and as far as mma goes, one of the most feared strikers ever "striker". other than that I don't think he's putting alot of fear in most fighter in the 'Show'. That's why he's returned to Japan to live his 'Dream' beat up on guys that don't have a gameplan and look like a badass while doing it. The HW division in the UFC is the weekest division they have and Mirko couldn't hang with that. and please don't tell me a TKO on Eddie Sanchez has got anything to do with everything, cause Nakao would probably look good against him too. Overrated, overhyped, and one dimesnional, that sums up cro cop. do you think dana was sweating about letting him go? no way, he was a strait bust for the UFC.
Wow, it's crazy how Cro Cop is now a guy that's cool to hate on. Everyone says that MMA isn't like boxing in that a couple losses doesn't end your career. However, this doesn't seem to apply to Cro Cop according to the haters.

To the quoted poster, calm down. Second, try breaking up your post into paragraphs. It gave me a migraine trying to read that.

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