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Originally Posted by bigdog89 View Post
First off submission guys so far as that guys id say that barnett pretty much is qualified in that area.Second in case you forget he is one of the few people ive ever seen drop big nog with a strike at the end of the first round in their fight.
Hes stayed in there against a lot tougher guys than you might want to give him credit for.
Whos he beaten?Ok heres to start Silva,Barnett three times,Vovchanchyn,Coleman.Just the name guys.Ok beat barnett both standing and on the ground in both the fights that went past like the first minute.Beat aleksander emelianenko who has shown very good striking in the mma sense and kod viciously igor vovchanchyn.If i bring up the coleman win youll most likely call coleman over the hill so im just leaving it by the side.This is the first person who ive seen actually ko silva who up to that point took abuse even if it dropped him.
Yes he got submitted by nog but is that that much to be dissappointed against.He looked better against fedor than nog did in any of their fights.
Stopped the takedown in the fight against coleman .
Knocked out ron waterman.
Submitted Kevin randleman which is something just by the way he did it.It may not have been pretty but the fact is he completely stopped randleman from imposing his game.
And yes he took down kongo i dont care what you want to say about not saying hes an elitist in any of those areas im just stating the fact that hes broadening his game in those other areas that are his weaknesses.
Actually if i recall correctly kongo didnt take him down.Just swept him towards the end of the first the rest was basically clinch and straight kickboxing affair.Considering the size difference and the obvious fact that mirco wasnt mentally in the match Id say he did pretty good then to go the distance after suffering a broken rib.

And nakao beating frye and just not going to even say what i think on that one..except it makes me laugh ..
so you're saying everything that i already said over again. i really could care less if he beat barnett 30 times, and yes i was going to say coleman was over the hill and i really don't think much of coleman now, 3 years ago or ten years ago. it's hard to make an argument with you cause you basically use my premis and the only difference is I state he's one dimensional and you won't. but you say nothing to say why he's not one dimensional and pretty much just make statements that you're a mirko fan...that's fine if you like the guy, and yeah he's a game opponent for any heavyweight, but he is overhyped and one dimensional. so if you want to make an argument come with you're own counterpoints and premis instead of making a weak attempt at refuting mine. i named off all of his good matches(then you did too) and i said he looked like a phenom against a bunch of whack japs that can't hold a title belt let alone a jock strap. he absolutely got crushed in the UFC, which doesn't really mean anything besides in his last three fights, he looks washed up with the sea shells, and now which ever guy he's fighting over there isn't going to be a very good opponent, and he should look like the man again....that doesn't mean much. as for stopping randleman's game plan cold??? c'mon man it's not like he didn't know what the game plan was...everybody in tokyo knew the shoot was coming, and he caught him in a standing guillotine...(you're giving him waaaayyyy tooo much credit for that one)plus like randleman wasn't over the hill.. you're a fan, i'm stating facts. that's cut pretty plain and dry. if you like mirko (which i'm not even saying i don't) fine, but take him for what he is....a dominant striker, K-1 superstar, and one dimensional mma fighter, who has looked titanic against sub-par competition, and has no more than a half dozen wins against quality comp.

and mirko getting beat by kongo made me laugh. he's a tough sob, but lets not get anything else twisted...1 dimensional!

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