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Originally Posted by Davisty69 View Post
Wow, it's crazy how Cro Cop is now a guy that's cool to hate on. Everyone says that MMA isn't like boxing in that a couple losses doesn't end your career. However, this doesn't seem to apply to Cro Cop according to the haters.

To the quoted poster, calm down. Second, try breaking up your post into paragraphs. It gave me a migraine trying to read that.
sorry for no paragraphs and the headache..i do appreciate you reading my post though..I'm not a crocop hater for one, nor am i trying to hate on him. and yes with his losses in the ufc they really did affect his career, because second to rampage nobody, not even anderson or wand, was coming into the UFC with that much hype. there is nothing i would rather see than a huge crocop knockout, but i'm just stating the facts. he is one dimensional, turned out to be overhyped when coming to the states, and really only has about a half dozen real quality victories over better competition. the knockout from gabe has really ****ed with his career, so much so that now he's going back to japan to face some lame opponent. that's all i'm saying. nothing more nothing less. UFC was banking on a title fight for the ages with crocop and randy, and now mirko is fighting Mizuno??in Dream???isn't that enough to be critical about he's career right there?

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