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Originally Posted by taadland View Post
tuf newbs that's a ****in' joke. i don't know if you directed that at me, but i hate that show, have only watched a couple episodes, and don't like 98% of the fighters who come off the show. so you can generalize and say 'most the guys in here' but in reality most the guys in here i debate with are more knowledgable than you. um i've been a fan of ufc since 98, a pride fan since 03, so you can say what you want, i sent you a nice little message, then i went back and saw this post. you debate opinions i debate facts. the fact is he's (CC) lost two in a row when all three of them were set up on a silver platter for him and he didn't come through, he bitched right out of the UFC and now he's facing a no namer...and you're right it would be more intriguing if it was Assuerio(nice spelling newb)but it's not. i don't hate the guy but he lost alot of respect with alot of fans, becuase alot of fans like myself respect his striking ability and enjoy watching it, and would rather see it against frank mir (or any other HW in the show)than Mizuno. and a guy of crocop's caliber has no business beating up on that guy in this point of his career, two consecutive losses or not.
First off on the assurio remark ive seen it spelt both ways so sorry about that.
second im not just remarking that your a tuf newb.If you want to say other people are more knowledgeable then im sorry that i didnt even know there were forums ...Honestly im a little back when it comes to computers.
im stating that the majority of these guys would say the same thing about say chuck facing jardine,a lot of people saw that as a huge step up in competition.

Would you rather see him as a fan of his face a guy who has a chance of getting his confidenece back on track or seeing him get his head clocked into the second row.The fact is outside of mir who else in the heavyweight division that could actually help set him back with his confidence to where it used to be.Maybe herring but then again herring goes and beats kongo who whupped cro cop.The fact is the heavyweight division of the ufc isnt where it would be enough of a start up to get cro cop back on track..and the fact is in case noone remembers this dana white even signed off on this and said that if the cro cop of old came back out then hed be back in the ufc by the end of 08.
I wont remark on the majority of his competition in pride .Yes the majority of them shouldnt have been anywhere near that ring with him in it.But you dont give a few guys hes fought the credit that maybe they deserve.Hes almost knocked out nog.Hes gone the distance with fedor and hunt.Stopped herring and barnett.Vicious cut on fujita.KOd aleksander emelianenko...among others.And of course his fights with Wanderlai silva.The fact is even when he lost fights in pride he still was holding his own pretty well.
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