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Originally Posted by bigdog89 View Post
First off on the assurio remark ive seen it spelt both ways so sorry about that.
second im not just remarking that your a tuf newb.If you want to say other people are more knowledgeable then im sorry that i didnt even know there were forums ...Honestly im a little back when it comes to computers.
im stating that the majority of these guys would say the same thing about say chuck facing jardine,a lot of people saw that as a huge step up in competition.

Would you rather see him as a fan of his face a guy who has a chance of getting his confidenece back on track or seeing him get his head clocked into the second row.The fact is outside of mir who else in the heavyweight division that could actually help set him back with his confidence to where it used to be.Maybe herring but then again herring goes and beats kongo who whupped cro cop.The fact is the heavyweight division of the ufc isnt where it would be enough of a start up to get cro cop back on track..and the fact is in case noone remembers this dana white even signed off on this and said that if the cro cop of old came back out then hed be back in the ufc by the end of 08.
I wont remark on the majority of his competition in pride .Yes the majority of them shouldnt have been anywhere near that ring with him in it.But you dont give a few guys hes fought the credit that maybe they deserve.Hes almost knocked out nog.Hes gone the distance with fedor and hunt.Stopped herring and barnett.Vicious cut on fujita.KOd aleksander emelianenko...among others.And of course his fights with Wanderlai silva.The fact is even when he lost fights in pride he still was holding his own pretty well.
i agree. he did hold his own and was probably in the top three of prides best fighters, behind fedor and wand. i think mir would be a very tough match for him, and if he's trying to get back on track no way would he want frank.

i understand that he wants to get his feet back underneath him and regain his focus and confidence, i'm all for that. but a guy that's 3-2??? chuck lost two in a row and he didn't go take on a rookie he got his step back by facing wandy. well i guess you have to start somewhere. that high kick really messed his game up maybe worse than any fighter after a KO of that nature. I think the HW division in the UFC is horrible and not very exciting to watch outside 2 or 3 fighter. so if he can get some good victories and be back by the end of 08, i as a fan would love to see that. but to get to octagon level he can't just fight these rookies more or less. he is going to have to fight somebody of quality before he attempts that cage again, and honestly i don't know how bad he wants to be in the UFC. either way i'm glad these posts were more eye to eye.

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