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Originally Posted by CTFlyingKnee
Militech Envy?

Okay my friend you obviously know very little, if at anything about UFC or MMA in general. Yes, there is a lack of HW in UFC, but Tim Sylvia is the champ(for now), does that tell you anything? I hate the guy but he is in no way the worst fighter in the UFC (see Danny Abaddi)

as for Hughes, why should he have had his title taken away from him during the GSP fight? GSP was not on top of his game and he admits that to this day, and Hughes, being the most dominant WW in history capitolized on that. As for the BJ fight, If you watched it, Hughes proved once again that he can overcome adversity and come back from being beaten up the first round. Its not about luck, its about skill and being the best at what you do. Penn was not ready for Hughes, he gassed too quickly after his big round and Hughes showed his resiliance completely overwhelming BJ and finishing him in awesome fashion. Yes you can make a claim that BJ was hurt during the fight, but had he capitolized on his good first round he may have been able to finish Hughes.
actually I didn't mean Tim Sylvia was the worst fighter in UFC I meant he was the worst fighter with the best position as in being champ. As for the Matt Hughes comment I agree it ended up being the other fighters who ultimately gave Hughes the win but GSP really shoulda finished off Hughes and BJ woulda if he didn't get hurt BJ > Hughes and it'll be proven once more. As for your Danny Abbadi statement I totally agree... he sucks but I believe that someone who plays off the crowd is actually a better fighter for utilizing his elements for all their worth. MMA is a ver psychological sport and anything a fighter can use to their advantage(legally) I feel should be utilized.
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