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Okay I want to begin by saying im not a nuitrion guy, nor do I have alot of experience in this. I'm a fighter and Ive had to cut wieght multiple times.

My last diet consisted of me loosing 32 lbs in 5 weeks. That is almost a pound a day. Now to be fair, I did cut 5 lbs at wieghins, but that is temporary water weight.

My "diet" consisted of me cutting out as much bad carbs out of my system a day. I would eat 12 grain bread once a week. I still drank milk, but only slim milk. I ate alot of chicken, beef, fish, and alot of veggies. Rice maybe once a week.

I kept to a very clean diet, which i wish i could keep on a regular basis.

The most important part of this write up, which I have not mentioned yet is that my calorie intake only droped slightly. I dont know of anyone who consumes less then 2000 calories a day. My protein shakes are more then that daily. My diet did improve which did drop the calorie intake in that slightly, but I had still been taking in over 3000 calories a day. Every day. The diet I followed was the eat your face off diet. I ate upwards to 7 times a day. Very small meals offcourse, (maybe 300 cal per meal) but man did it ever work.

Everyones body is different. I understand that. I went from having a slim, but slightly soft 203 lbs body to a weigh in weight of 170 in less then 6 weeks. I never felt better. I always had energy and I never starved.

I hope all this babling kinda makes sense. I follow my eat your face off diet every day, and im hovering around 180 mark and have put on about 8 lbs more muscle on my upper body in about 1 month. My calorie intake is 4000 cal per day (est) and My body fat level stays the same.
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