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It is more expensive than Steroids but side effects are still there, but much less that Steroids.

Somatropin is among the more popular brands of HGH.

Secondly you can't just walk into a Nutrition Store and buy it.

You can, like all steroids and Hormones, get them at an Anti Aging Clinic or South of the Border.

Either way if you're looking for something to get an edge in MMA. I'd recommend EPO. It's not illegal in MMA, and it can't be detected at all, although you need to be monitored while you use it or you could kill yourself.

Also lastly I should mention that HGH is for experienced users, if you REALLY want to build muscle and decrease recovery time, you should start out with a novice steroids cycle.

I for one have never taken any steroids or even any hormonal products, but I know people who do and I am educated on the subject.

But if you're looking for advice about this stuff you need to look elsewhere because people (or some) on this forum don't really know what they are talking about.

There is a safe way to use these chemicals if you do it right.

Plus side effects like growing of the bones from HGH comes from long term use of the drug.

And when you're Testes Shrink, they don't stay that way, and you can even prevent it by using proper PCT.

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