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I lost a little respect for Aoki. The shot was hard, but what if he fought in the UFC? Is he going to quit after getting hit with an Elbow. I just dont get it. There have been some cases where an illegal blow occured and I could understand. I think when Wes Simms stomped out Frank Mir that was understandable. But sometimes it seems like some guys just want out of the fight. Lets say you dont know shit about MMA. And you meet Aoki on the street and he is telling you about his last fight, and he is explaining to you that the fight was stopped and is going to be rescheduled because he got elbowed. I think most people would be pretty confused. Its a fight. You are supposed to get hit. Its the same with when guys get grazed in the nuts and take a 3 minute break. I dont know. Maybe Im just built different. None of that stuff usually hurts me til the next day.

No offense to Aoki fans. I dont mean to be a dick. This is a topic I have been meaning to bring up for awhile. Sorry if it seems like Im just taking a shot at him. Im not.
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