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A few things about this fight gave me a real sense of conflict with Cro Cop. He has stated in the past that he wants to put on more weight to compete with the HW division of the UFC. A few factors to consider when putting on weight....don't gain a belly it's not going to help your stamina...How much muscle mass are you willing to gain in sacrifice of stamina and speed?....Would cutting weight and coming in ripped @ LHW be a better fit?.....He trains in a cage, why not fight in one.

I honestly think Mirko's best fit if he's in the UFC would be Light Heavyweight. He could cut weight, and be a lot quicker on his feet with striking and takedown defense. If Mirko puts on too much weight whether it is fat or muscle I think he's going to sacrifice too much speed and stamina when he gains that weight. It seems like he really likes the heavyweight division but in my opinion LHW would be a much better fit.
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