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Originally Posted by Fedor>all View Post
Yeah, work on your sprawl. If you believe you have an advantage standing, make use of it. If he goes for the takedown, make sure to stuff it. Make sure to look for guillotines too, they're the easiest submissions to pull off, and a lot of amateur wrestlers leave themselves exposed to it when they shoot in.
haha I've gotten a couple guillotines in on him already, I love doing that. Wreslters (from what I've learned) also leave themselves open to lots of foot locks

I can stuff takedowns alright (single, double shoots) but this guy loves to take over/unders and use his hieght :\

Lol, exhibition matches? Not that I know all about you from your couple of posts, but it more sounds like a guy with little to no experience play fighting with his friends or something. Doesn't sound like a legit setup like you make it seem to be, anyway.
Okay, I thought I explained this in here but maybe I havent. Exhibition match is half/full contact, if a knockout punch were to be landed you pull it and someone stops the fight (we have someone refing it, yes). There's take downs and submissions allowed. We go 5 5minute rounds or until someone stops it (like if someone gets mounted and pounded on [keep in mind we DONT actually wail on people, its half contact], KO punch or a sub is sunk in) and it's most definately not play fighting. I train under the mentality that to be in a war you must train in a war, and it's as simple as that. I've trained at gyms around this area and so far I've liked none of them. The way we spar we incorperate everything that's going on in an MMA match. The way I've seen the other gyms do it, it's either striking or grappling, not both, so I prefer to train on my own most of the time. I will go to a gym for conditioning and stuff though or just to size people up.

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